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Over time and use, you may notice what is referred to as "sprouting" of the wool yarns in your rug.

Sprouting is a normal characteristic of a fine handmade rug and can happen throughout the life of your rug. This is not a flaw and does not affect the rug's durability.

In the event that an excess of yarn sprouts appear on the surface of your rug, use scissors and carefully clip each piece of yarn to the same level as the rest of the rug's pile.

Do not pull out the yarn, as this may cause damage to your rug.



  • Vacuuming is the single best way to remove dirt.
  • Use low-level suction-only vacuums not beater-bar/rotating powerhead types, which are hard on fine rugs.
  • Always vacuum in the direction of the nap ... never against the nap. (Vacuuming against the nap presses dirt back into the rug.)
  • Determine direction of nap by running your hand across the pile.
  • Unless you use a bagless vacuum, use a new bag as often as possible.
  • Never vacuum the fringes of a rug. (Best way to clean fringes is by sweeping with a broom.)
  • Continued catching of fringe in your vacuum's suction will cause fringes to tear or break.


  • Remove liquid spills immediately by blotting with white towel, white cloth or white paper towels.
  • Do not rub. (Rubbing a spill can work liquid deeper into the rug fibers and cause the spill to become a stain.


  • In areas where pile may be indented or crushed by legs of heavy furniture, it is possible to "fix" or up-right pile in the depressions.
  • Simply brush the indented area with a soft brush. If needed, moisten the area with a very light spritz of clean water and follow by lightly brushing.
  • Remember to only moisten lightly.
  • Never wet any part of your fine rug.


  • First remove any remaining solid material by carefully scraping with a spoon..
  • Always work from the outside edges inward toward the center of a spot in order to prevent further spreading..
  • If you decide to treat a spot, use dry cleaning products only - such as Capture, Host or Wool Dri. (Consult a professional before using these products.).


  • Rotating frequently will equalize the effects sunlight will have on a rug.
  • Remember that continuous exposure to the rays of bright sun (even indirect sunlight) will damage dyes used in Oriental rugs.
  • On sunny days it is wise to use window shades, shutters, or curtains to reduce the chances of fading and possible sun damage.
  • Faded areas are often hidden by soils and will not be apparent until such time that the entire surface needs to be cleaned.
  • Rotating your rug will help to balance fading as well as wear that may occur over time and use.


  • Moths cause extensive damage to wool rugs by eating your rug's pile as well as the knots on the back.
  • Dark places (such as areas under furniture or similar places where they might live undisturbed) are especially attractive to moths.
  • Vacuuming frequently and regular rotating are the best ways to prevent moths.
  • Exposure to air and indirect light help to retard and prevent problems.
  • Prevent and eliminate moths and moth larvae by spraying every six months with any number of moth sprays on the market. (Always check the label and carefully follow label instructions.)
  • Dampness and moisture will rot and destroy threads and fabric in any rug.
  • To avoid such problems, be sure that rugs receive indirect light and air

Download this cleaning guide to help you through spots and spills

Keep your rug in place with a Double Grip or Duo Lock pad. These can be used on carpet or hard surfaces. 4x6, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14 and runner sizes are stocked in our store. Custom sizes and fabrication upon request. Please call for availability and pricing.

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